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The Poly Styrene Archive

The Poly Styrene archive includes Poly Styrene's original artwork for her band X-Ray Spex, a collection of poems and lyrics as well as punk memorabilia, news clippings and photographs. The first exhibition of Poly's artwork, Identity: A Poly Styrene Retrospective took place in 2019 at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning in Brixton, and explored her complex legacy and work as an interdisciplinary artist. The exhibition included original artworks, writings, and photography, and highlight her experiences as a woman in music history, a woman in punk, being mixed race Black British, and someone living with mental health difficulties.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 19.34.53.png
Long Brush Painter
Tablet Sketch
Brick Wall Graffiti
Earth Projection
Gallery Shadows
Poly Styrene Archive: Welcome


If you would like to bring the archive to your gallery, museum or space please get in touch for the exhibition pack and  digital gallery.

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Germ Free

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Punks and Teds

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Poly Styrene Archive: Collections
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